"So...Isaac do you think they've picked the winner by now?" Taylor questioned as he flopped down onto his bed.

"How the hell should I know Tay?" Isaac grumbled as he snapped open his suitcase.

"What do you think she'll look like?"

"You mean what do I want her to look like?"

"Well yeah I guess." Taylor blushed.

"Umm...I really don't know. Actually I do, I just don't wanna tell you. You tell me first."

"As long as she's nice and won't go crazy, that's all I need," Taylor replied.

"That wasn't what I expected from you, but I'll tell you anyway. She's gotta have the perfect body. Nice long, blonde hair, eighteen, and of course a nice chest," Isaac explained.

"God, Isaac you are such a pervert!" Tay shouted.

"Hey, you are just as horny as me Tay! I was once fifteen too, ya know." Taylor could feel his face turn a nice shade of crimson as Isaac said that.

"I never said I wasn't, I just don't express it like you do." Taylor sighed.

Without warning the bedroom door burst open. "I have arrived!" Zac exclaimed as he came flying into the bedroom.

"Looks like someone's been eating sugar for breakfast again," Isaac joked.

Zac ignored this and jumped onto his bed. "Mom said we should get packing."

"Well we are attempting to do that, but you interrupted us," Taylor snapped.

"Why are you so moody?" Zac whined.

"Shut up Zac." Isaac laughed.

"Okay, you two like totally lost me."

"Forget it." Isaac sighed.

Zac rolled off his bed. He then suddenly got an idea. He grabbed the pillow off of the ground and hurled it at Isaac.

"What the hell?!" Isaac squeaked.

Taylor burst out laughing. "Isaac, I never knew you could still hit those high notes!" Taylor laughed. By now both Taylor and Zac were rolling on the floor in hysterics over Isaac's voice getting a few octaves higher than it should. Isaac could feel his embarrassment creeping up into his warm flushed face.

"Guys get over it. It's a once in a life time thing. If you wanna here someone squeak go talk to Mackie. Now if you don't mind I have packing to do." Isaac smirked. Taylor and Zac slowly got up off of the ground and left the room in a hurry.

"Geez, somebody's a bit on the ill-humored side today." Zac said making a weird face.

"Maybe it's that time of the month again." Taylor laughed.

"Ya know Taylor you just might've finally figured out his problem."

"Shut up. Who asked you anyhow." Taylor mumbled as he walked back into the bedroom.

"There's another one who's been oversensitive lately. What's wrong with you people? Wait. What am I talking about? Tay is always like that." Zac thought about going back into the room but decided against it. He continued walking down the hall into Jessica and Avery's room.

"Hey! How's my two favorite ladies doing?"

"Zac don't bother us, we're playing Barbie's. Can't you see they are in the middle of a wedding here?" Jessica whined.

"Yeah!" Avery piped in.

"Can I play?" He asked.

"No! Zacky last time you played with us you ended up holding our Barbie's hostage with your G.I.Joe's, and if they moved you were gonna shave their heads!" Avey screamed.

"Okay, okay, I can take a hint!" Zac laughed. Avery and Jessica shoved Zac out of the room and resumed with the wedding.

"It's obvious I'm not wanted today," he mumbled to himself and headed back into his room. Zac stared in shock as he looked at the condition the room was in. Their once semi-clean room was now a disaster area. Everywhere you looked there were clothes and other articles. "I don't even wanna know." Zac laughed shaking his head in disbelief. Even though Zac didn't want to help Isaac and Taylor clean up the mess they somehow conned him into it. After some time the room was once again admissible.

"Zac did you finish packing yet?" Isaac yawned.

"Almost." There was a knocking at the door.

"Come in." Diana poked her head in the door.

"Are all of you boys done packing?"

"Yeah. Except I'm still finishing up," Zac answered.

"Sweetheart you look beat. Why don't you finish that up tomorrow before we leave?" Zac just nodded and crashed down on his bed. He didn't even bother to change his clothes.

"Goodnight boys." Diana smiled as she quietly closed the door.

Taylor and Isaac soon hopped into bed and said their goodnights. The next morning was very hectic for the Hanson household. The little kids running around fighting over who gets to take what toy, the guys finishing up some last minute packing, and Diana and Walker making sure everybody has everything. Soon everything was piled into the van and away they went to the airport. Their flight was called and they all headed onto the plane.

"Isaac, this is it. We finally get to start our summer tour." Taylor sighed as he stared out the window.