"Screams," Zac stated matter-of-factly, lying back against the plush pillows strewn in front of the bed's headboard.

Taylor, fiddling furiously with the clasps on the suitcase, shook his head, muttered quietly, "Fucking piece of shit," and looked up at Zac as he rattled with the defunct piece of luggage.

"And hyperventilation," his voice rose in anger as he flung the suitcase off the bed. It hit the bureau with a thud causing the lamp to topple over. Crash. The porcelain shattered. Click. The suitcase fell open.

"You're so damn bright Taylor. Damn, if we could all figure out such clever ways to open our luggage! You ever heard of a thing called self-control!" Isaac went through his own pile of clothes thrown on, over, and around his bed.

About to spew out a smart ass remark at Isaac, he opened his mouth, decided against it, and only responded, "Hyperventilation and fainting," being glad to return to the previous topic of conversation before the lamp had interrupted his thoughts. Taylor continued with his analysis, "She will most definitely faint," while surveying the hotel room.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac arrived in the first city of the U.S. portion of their tour. The sun glinted outside the confines of the hotel. The curtains in the room were unopened. The room took on a dark orange hue. The guys were oblivious to life outside the room. They were far more concerned with the perils of travel and the reaction a fifteen-year-old girl will have when she meets them. Their road manager had informed them five minutes ago that a winner of the "Tour with Hanson" contest had been chosen. Or at least Isaac and Taylor were concerned with such things.

Zac, on the other hand, was still relaxing on one of the beds. He glanced around the room wondering how in a matter of minutes the hotel room ended up looking like a version of their disastrous room at home in Tulsa. He wondered, but he didn't much care. He got off the bed.

"I'm going to see if that girl is here yet," Zac said, nonchalantly stepping over the broken lamp.

"Oh, and don't worry about that, I'm sure the hotel will clean it up."

"Of course they'll clean it up!" Taylor chuckled, as he held the door for Zac and himself.


"What Taylor?"

"Don't you and your dick have too much fun in there by yourselves, alright?"

"Shut the fuck up, will ya? You shouldn't be on to talk Taylor 'I-spend-forty-minutes-in-the-shower-every-morning' Hanson."

"Ha ha, you are so damn funny," Taylor said sarcastically as he and Zac shut the door.

Isaac grinned and settled comfortably in between the sheets.


Victoria stood with her hands in the pockets of her black denim shorts looking around at the people entering and exiting the restaurant in the lobby. She had sworn to herself that the only reason she entered the contest was to gain experience in the music business. Who the hell was she kidding? She sighed, a pouty smile appearing on her lips, knowing that the true reason was to get to know the Hanson brothers.

Taylor and Zac stepped off the elevator. Zac looked around the lobby. Taylor noticed a teenage girl casually standing around.

"That's her, that's probably Victoria."

"It can't be her. No way, the girl who won that contest would never just stand there quietly and proceed to..." Zac trailed off.

Victoria walked towards Zac and Taylor when she saw the two of them get off the elevator. This time the roles were reversed. The fan, Victoria, was the one extending her arm for a handshake, while Zac and Taylor were the ones with the speechless expressions on their faces.

"Not all of us act like immature little girls."

She shook hands with Zac, then Taylor. Zac released her hand and said hello. His eyes rested on her tanned legs. These days, just the thought of a girl's body, especially a girl's legs, made him feel warm all over.

"Zac!" The brothers' stylist interrupted his thoughts. "Come over here so I can tell you what you'll be wearing for the concert tomorrow night!"

"Bitch. Why'd she have to yell that at me across the lobby?" Zac looked at Victoria as he said that. "Oh, sorry, I..."

"No problem. I don't even try bothering to watch my mouth anymore," Victoria reassured him.

"Thanks, I guess," Zac replied and turned his attention towards the stylist.

"No, I don't think all fans are the screaming type, it's just that..." Taylor continued as Zac walked over to the stylist.

"Forget it, forget about that crap, let's just talk about other things," Victoria interrupted.

"Other things?"

"Yeah, well, since I'll be with you guys on practically half this tour we should get acquainted and drop this rock star/fan shit. We're both human beings, just living different lives."

"She is most assuredly to the point," Taylor thought. "She doesn't seem to hold us up to impossible standards. She thinks of us as being more than just rock stars. And she is most definitely not a teenybopper." Taylor was beginning to like her already.


They had sat on the floor of her hotel room talking about anything and everything from her hometown to what's on the room service menu to how expensive it is to make music videos these days. Victoria looked at her watch. 5:14 pm.

"Damn..." She thought "we've been talking for almost three hours. He seems to like talking with me. He seems to regard me as more than just a fan, a statistic. He seems to like me for just being Victoria."

She got up off the floor. "We probably have to get going to dinner, Taylor." Her left leg brushed his right shoulder as she walked to the door.


She stopped walking even before he said wait. She turned around and looked at him as he sat on the floor with his back to her.

She walked back towards Taylor. She kneeled down and lifted the bottom of his shirt. He let her slowly caress his back up and down. Taylor turned around to face her. He backed her up against the dresser on his knees. He put his hands on her knees, spreading her legs so he could press his body against hers. She ran her tongue on the outside of his lips, then he kissed her, roughly, gently, hard, soft, each time pulling his tongue in and out of her mouth.

"Hhhh, uhhh..." Victoria breathed.

"Hon, and that was only my tongue going in and out of your mouth, just imagine what my..." Taylor couldn't finish his sentence as she grabbed his hair and pulled his lips back onto hers.

She smiled. She felt his penis get hard through his sweatpants as he pressed against her.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothin', you just feel so good even through all our clothes."

He was breathing heavily now as he ran one finger over her shirt, tracing her hard nipples.

"So do you baby," he replied in a whisper.

"Let me tell you something, Taylor Hanson."

"Mmmmm..." He moaned as he ran his tongue over her neck.

"I want you-..."

"Mmm, hmmm..."

"I want you to fuck me, but not right now because I am so fucking hungry," she continued with a sigh.

Victoria pushed him back, got up and walked to the door.

"Will you be joining everyone for dinner tonight, Taylor?"