Victoria had joined the rest of the Hanson entourage in the restaurant for dinner. She sat down next to Shawn, one of the tour roadies, and across from Isaac.

"Hey, I'm Victoria, the contest winner. Nice to meet you, Isaac Hanson."

"Likewise," Isaac replied, shaking her hand across the table. He looked at Victoria. Actually, he surveyed her. "OK, so she doesn't have blonde hair, but I do like how her long brown hair falls around her chest. A nice chest. Very nice, indeed. Full, round breasts. Nice size. More than a handful, each," Isaac thought to himself. Zac interrupted his reverie.

"Where've you been, Taylor?" Zac practically shouted as Taylor, being the last person to join the table, sat down.

"I had to take care of some unfinished business," Taylor replied looking straight into Victoria's green eyes.

"What unfinished business?" Zac asked.

"None of yours," Taylor snapped back at Zac. The rest of the evening passed without incident, except for the silent glances exchanged between Taylor and Victoria. Nobody else seemed to notice.


The next morning, the morning of the concert, Victoria looked at herself in the mirror. "Why did I stop? He probably hates my guts. I want him. Even if it's just one time, I want him. It's as simple as that," she thought as someone loudly knocked on the door of her room.

"Taylor, I'm so sorry. I was being a bitch last night," Victoria said as he stood in her doorway. Taylor walked into the room past her.

"Damn right you were," he replied. She walked into the bathroom and started brushing her hair. Taylor stood looking at the back of her legs and butt as her hair swung side to side as she brushed it. All she did was look at his image in the mirror as he stood in the bathroom's doorway.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Something you and I know we both want," Taylor answered as he shut the bathroom door behind him. A grin spread across his face. Victoria licked her lip and bit it, knowing what a look like that on a guy's face meant.

"Turn around and look at me," he said. She did as Taylor instructed. "Don't say a word until I'm done." She didn't say a word, didn't do anything except bite her lip, thinking how much she wanted him to fuck her right then and there.

Taylor walked up to her and unbuttoned her shorts slowly pulling down the zipper. She watched his fingers as he tugged at her panties, pulling them down with his hands all the way down to her ankles. He pulled her shirt over her head. His hands reached around her back and unclasped her bra. She was completely naked standing in front of him. He inched closer to her still fully clothed.

"Ohhh yeah, that's more like it," Taylor said breaking the silence. His breath quickened as his penis got hard. He was breathing through his mouth now. She stared at him with a smile, still biting her lower lip. She moved closer to him about to say something, but he stopped her by backing her against the sink counter. Placing his hands on her shoulders he whispered "Shhh, not yet."

Taylor reached behind her and grabbed a bottle of lotion on the counter. He poured some down her back. His hands massaged the lotion into her skin. She felt her clit throb every time his fingertips ran up and down her back. Next he squeezed the lotion onto her breasts. Her nipples were hard and she moaned with pleasure as he took her breasts in his hands and rubbed lotion all over her chest and navel. He liked how she was leaning her head back, closing her eyes, telling him how good his hands felt on her skin. He ran his middle finger along the inside of her thigh, smiling mischievously as he did this. He pushed it into her, feeling her swollen clit for a second, then taking it out and wiping his wet finger on his shirt.

"Now you're ready," Taylor said as he laid himself on top of Victoria's warm body, spreading her legs wider than they already were. Victoria pulled Taylor's shirt up to his shoulder blades. He groaned as she pulled his jeans and boxers down. He tried to completely remove all his clothing, but she kept on pulling his body down on top of her with her left hand, and wrapping the fingers of her right hand around his penis.

He entered her and she dug her fingernails into his back. She was breathing heavily now, practically whimpering as he thrust harder and harder. They settled into a steady rhythm. After awhile, he began to push himself into her even harder and faster. He couldn't help but fuck her harder as her whimpers grew louder and louder.

"I'm driving you crazy, aren't I?" He whispered.

As he whispered this she cried out "Oh God, Taylor!" She was pushing her hips up vigorously as he thrust down into her. She came just as he pulled out. He collapsed on top of her as his orgasm overwhelmed him.

Taylor ran his hand down Victoria's body, as her breathing became more regular, letting it rest on her vagina. His fingers gently caressed between her legs until her body became calm and relaxed again.