A week, two tour stops, and a few mood swings later, Victoria finally decided to emerge from the shelter of her hotel room. Ever since she had slept with Isaac and Taylor both, with not much time separating the two incidents, her favorite hibernation spot have been the hotel rooms given all to herself, aside from the corner in the back of the tour bus. She explained to everyone who asked that she was probably coming down with the flu. She felt sick. But she knew it wasn't her body that was making her feel this way; her mind, her thougths, those were what was.

"I feel like such a slut," she thought. "But it doesn't matter how I feel, how I feel is besides the point, it's what I am. I could feel like a dirty harlot, or I could feel so damn happy, and it wouldn't matter. In reality I'm just a slut. God knows I wasn't a virgin before Taylor. I don't care, I don't care, I wanted it as much as they did. At least Tay doesn't know I fucked his older brother. At least I'm on birth control," she reassured herself. "See, there are positive things in life," she said aloud, putting an end to the constant barrage of thoughts in her mind.


"Feeling better?" Josh asked Victoria in the hallway.

"Yeah, pretty much." She looked at Josh, another of the roadies, wondering where he spends most of his time. She'd only seen him around a few times since she'd been on the tour. She remembered Zac telling her something about him being drunk off of whiskey half the time and the other half getting his dick sucked by obsessed fans desperate for backstage passes.

"Good. I'm gonna go see my parents and my brother, and a few friends later on." Josh said, twirling the keys in his hand.

"Oh, you're from here?"

"Yup. You wanna meet 'em? I mean, not my parents, my friends. Liz and Syd. Elizabeth and Sydney. Actually, they're more my brother's friends. But he hasn't seen 'em in like a year cuz he's in juvee hall, for ummm….well, there was this stabbing incident at his school….I mean, at least no one died. Whatever, so Liz and Syd live real close by, so they hung out with us, well I guess just me now, but I don't fuck those girls or anything."

"Josh is such a moron," Victoria thought as she watched him ramble on about his family and friends. All she could do was grin and nod her head. "Sure, why don't you ask them to come over here to the hotel."

"Alright. Ok," he replied as he turned to leave after spotting Shawn at the other end of the hallway.


"What was that you screamed at me about not wanting to hurt your brother, Isaac?" Victoria asked him when they were all alone in his room. "Haven't you already accomplished that by sleeping with me behind his back, hmm?"

Isaac stared at Victoria with a straight face, sitting down in an armchair, while she stood there above him with her arms crossed. "Don't act like it's all my fault. Excuse me, Vicky dear, but that afternoon it sure as hell wasn't Tay you were spreading your legs for. And I know you know the difference."

"Oh yeah, I know the difference," she grinned. "You know, Ike, even though I thorougly enjoyed our experience together, I don't think we should go that far again. Just because of Taylor."

"I think that's best. The last time he found out a girl was cheating on him, whoa, let's just say I wouldn't want to be there." Isaac said. Victoria looked at him quizzically.

"No, no, it wasn't me, it was this other guy. Don't think I'm some breaker-upper of relationships."

"Breaker-upper?!" Victoria laughed.

"What? Are you mocking my choice of vocabulary?" Isaac replied, playfully grabbing the waistband of her shorts and pulling her down onto his lap.

"No, I wasn't mocking you!" She laughed as she straddled him on the chair. She continued laughing as she placed her hands under his shirt and lightly massaged his chest.

"I think we'd better stop before we lose control," he said.

"You're right. OK. Josh said something to me about bringing some people over here to meet you guys anyway," Victoria replied as she got up.

----later that evening----

Zac opened the door to his room.

"Zac, those girls are coming by with Josh tonight. Aren't you gonna even say hi?" Victoria asked.

"Girls, what girls?"

"Friends of Josh. Don't worry, I don't think they're screaming teenies. They're something like 17 and 15. Yeah, Sydney's 17 and Liz is 15."

An interested expression replaced the bored look on Zac's face, as he contemplated spending time with older "women". "OK, sounds fascinating, Vic." He walked back into the room and picked up a Twister game box.

"What the hell is that?"


"I know that. But why the hell are you bringing it along? You don't think we're all gonna play Twister, do you?"

"No, silly. We're not gonna play Twister. We're gonna play naked Twister. I heard somewhere that the best way to learn about the biology of the human body is through observation," Zac explained.

"Mmm, hmm. You're so scientific and analytical Zac," Victoria replied with sarcasm. "I don't think that's such a good idea."