"This is crazy! I canít believe Iím here!" Victoria buried her face into her hands. The door behind her slowly began to open. She turned her head to see who had come out. Two girls appeared. One of them looked like the one blonde she thought to be either Liz or Sydney.

"I see you didnít like the party either?" The darker haired one spoke up.

"You could say that." Victoria mumbled.

"Josh and Shawn are nothing but a couple of low lifes who are either always high or drunk off their asses." The blonde one laughed.

Victoriaís mood began to perk up. She had a feeling that these girls knew exactly where she was coming from.

"Iím Sydney and thatís Liz."

"Iím Victoria, nice to meet you," she said shaking their hands.

"So, why did you two leave the party?"

"All the parties they throw are almost always fucked up. This time all the guys kept hitting on me just because Iím blonde." Syd sighed.

"Hey I donít know about you two, but how would you feel about getting drunk off your asses tonight?" Victoria smiled.

"Iím up to it if Liz is."

"What the hell, Iím in."

The three girls headed back to Victoriaís room. Once inside they headed for the small liquor cabinet.

"Shit!" Victoria moaned.

"No key."

"Donít worry." Sydney smiled as she pulled a pin out of her hair and instantly picked and opened the lock. About an hour after they had raided and drank all the liquor, the girls were quite drunk.

"I know!!" Liz shouted.

"What?" Victoria and Syd asked.

"Lets go run around the halls naked!"

"Better yet." Vicki started.

"You two can pick any room on this floor and whoever opens the door Iíll kiss!" She giggled.

"Lets do it!!" Liz squealed.

They ran out the door and began wandering aimlessly around the halls. Liz and Syd finally decided on a room after Liz took it upon herself to pick a fight with a plant that was sitting in the corner at the end of the hall. She had insisted that it tripped her while making a turn down the next hall. But in reality Liz stumbled over her own two feet. Not only that she kept bouncing off the walls. Sheíd then yell at them for not watching where they were going.

"Over here!" Syd shouted.

Victoria sucked in her breath and walked over towards the two girls. She glanced up at the room's number.

"Hey that number seems vaguely familiar somehow," she thought.

"Syd!! This is the room where that party was!" Liz blurted out. Lizís sudden outburst interrupted Victoriaís thinking. She was right. Swallowing hard Victoria cautiously raised her hand to knock on the door. She loudly knocked on the door. Vicki prayed to God that two certain people wouldnít answer the door. The door slowly began to open. At first the figures were unclear, then they started coming in to focus.

"Oh God," she said in a low whisper.

There stood Isaac and right behind him was Taylor. Of all the luck she could have, those two still happen to be there. Victoria knew she had to do it, so she did. Luckily for her Taylor seemed to be dead drunk. Taking a deep breath Victoria grabbed Isaac and pressed her lips against his. Not wanting this kiss to last any longer than it had to, she quickly pulled away and ran the opposite direction. The now giggling Liz and Sydney slowly stumbled after her. Isaac just stood there stunned, then he just shook it off. Victoria quickly ran down the hall and stopped outside the door to her room, trying to catch her breath as she waited for her two drunken friends to arrive. Liz and Syd were trudging down the hall singing off key nonsense.

"Guys come on my head is pounding. I need some sleep." Victoria rolled her eyes and went into her room, leaving Liz and Syd to fend for themselves. Sighing she clumsily walked into the bedroom and crashed on the bed. Victoria laid there for a few minutes then forced herself to get up and change into her silk nightgown. Looking at the pattern of her apparel she giggled. That would be the last time she let a guy go shopping with her. Leopard print just wasnít her. She crawled underneath the covers and shortly fell asleep.