Chapter 9

Victoria stood in the lobby immpatiently waiting for them to come down. She kept her eyes glued to both elevator doors. " Christ, how long can it take to get down to the lobby? " Victoria muttered to herself.

After a few moments she drifted off into her thoughts. Suddenly the elevator dinged. This practically caused Victoria to jump right out of her skin. Once she regained her normal breathing rate she cautiously walked toward the elevator.

Walking into the enclosed space, and found that the elevator was empty. She sighed a big breath, bored and finally, not thanking the time that had passed, stood in the elevator, now waiting to be left off at her next destination.

Victoria heard something shift, and she turned around to find Taylor. "Oh my God, Taylor, what are you doing here?" she asked, freaking out. Her breathing rate started to increase, chest rising and falling dramatically. She watched his eyes go from hers to her chest, watching it deviously. "What's the matter?" he asked, stepping closer to her. "Taylor, get away from me!" she yelled, getting more psychotic than ever. She had no clue why she was acting like this. What's the matter with me? she thought.

Victoria turned around, and suddenly wanted to get off the lift. Repeatedly, she kept pressing the buttons on the elevator, but it continued to descent upwards in the hotel. "No, no, come on, damn elevator. Come on! What the hell?" she asked to nothing in particular, getting more panicked by the minute. She turned around to see Taylor stepping closer and closer to her so slowly. Victoria started to cry, she was getting so nervous. "Why isn't anything working?" she cried.

"Victoria, baby, come here." Taylor comforted, starting to put his arms around her, smiling gently. He backed her up against the elevator doors. She just looked at him with a worried and scared look. "Shhhhhh." he whispered, and tried to kiss her, wanting to calm her down, and tell her whatever the problem is, it's going to be alright. He kept his lips upon hers until she responded. When she did, which Taylor could barely feel, he kissed her again, until she was breathing normally and kissing him back better.

All of this kissing led to Taylor's hands travelling up under Victoria's hunter green V-neck shirt, which exposed her cleavage very nicely, and he felt there was no material holding together a clasp. This cuased him to get majorlly turned on. He moaned and put his tongue in Victoria's mouth, and she kept one hand behind his head and the other on his rear.

He brought his hands around to her stomach, still under her shirt. They travelled up to her breasts, and he started to knead them. She could barely contain this action, and decided to take some matters into her own hands. She instructed her hands to unbutton his pants and pull the zipper down. One of Taylor's hands, by the way, escaped her shirt and pushed the "Open Doors" button of the elevator.

He stopped kissing her and whispered viciously, "So long, sweetheart." She looked at him with confused, wide eyes, and the doors opened, and he pushed Victoria out the elevator down the shaft, and she fell to her death. "Taylorrrrr!!!!!!......." her scream penetrated the sky, until nothing left was heard.


"Taylorrrr!!!! AUGGGGHHHHHH!!!" she screamed, tossing and turning in her bed.

"Oh my GOD!!" she cried, and shot up out of bed. Her breathing was so intense, and she felt her body, making sure she was still living. She felt the bed around her. "A nightmare. Oh my God. Am I alive?" she asked herself.

"Victoria. Victoria!" Liz yelled, opening her hotel door. "Victoria? What's the matter?" Sydney asked, rushing to her side. The girls immediately questioned what happened, and Liz went to get Victoria a wet washcloth and a glass of water.

"Oh my God oh my God oh my God." was all Victoria could say. She had trouble taking in the dream that she just had.

"Alright, calm down. Take a deep breath. In, and out. In, and out." Liz coached her, and Victoria's breathing rate went back to normal. She drank some of the water to clear her parched throat, and Sydney patted the cold washcloth all over her face and forehead.

"Can you tell us what happened?" Sydney whispered. "Yeah." Liz said.

"Well," Victoria started, "I had THE worst dream. I was waiting for the elevator, and when it finally came, I saw Taylor in it, and I started to totally freak out. Then he came up to me, and kissed me to calm down. When I finally did, he started to grope at my breasts and-" "Oh gross." Liz commented. "Liz! Be helpful, will you?" Sydney scolded. "-And I thought we were going to have sex or something because I practically took matters into my own hands and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Then he said "So long, sweetheart." and the elevator doors opened, and-" she choked out, "he pushed me out and down the shaft, where I death!!" she cried, and tears practically coming out of her eyes. Liz took her into her arms and held her for a few minutes. Liz and Syd both got worried, sympathetic looks on their faces as they looked at each other.

"It's okay, Victoria." Sydney said, patting her back. Victoria spoke up.

"I mean, that was a horrible dream, but it's also wrong and weird because I slept with-" Victoria stopped what she was saying. She practically spilled out that she had slept with Taylor like spilling beans all over a counter.

"What Victoria!? You slept with..." Syd yelled above a whisper.

"I guess I better tell you now than later. See, I had sex with Taylor." she confessed. Liz and Syd just stared at her in awe. "It was wild. Well, he just came up to me in the bathroom while I was brushing my hair, and started to undress me, and put lotion over me, and then I wanted him so bad, I had to have sex with him." she said all at once.

Liz and Syd continued to stare at her, not saying anything. Syd finally spoke up. "You. You, slept with Taylor?" she said slowly.

"And Isaac." "What?" Liz whispered loudly like a yell. "I had sex with Isaac after Taylor. We had gotten into this huge fight because Taylor and I were acting so secretive about that thing, and then we were just, magnitized or something, and I needed him. Bad." she let out the last word cautiously.

"Oh, Victoria." Liz said disgustingly. Syd seemed to be very interested in these confessions that Victoria was spilling out.

"I just....don't want to be around Taylor anymore because of that dream. I feel like he's going to do something to me like that." Victoria clutched her pillow.

"You're being paranoid." Syd said. "No, well, maybe, but, I just want to keep my distance from him, you know? I mean, things like that happening in the real world can totally ruin your life." Victoria said a matter-of-factly.

"I can understand." Liz said. "No you can't, you're a virgin, you idiot." Syd said playfully. "So, what's it to you?" she shot back in a sarcastic way. The two girls began to engage in a pillow fight, while Victoria lay behind, thinking about her dream.