Chapter 1ÖÖÖ..Schoolís Out


"Damn it feels good to be out of that fucking school." Stef laughed.

"Maybe for you but I donít agree," Karen moped.

"Yeah thatís only because all the boys in your grade drool all over you!" Stef shouted.

"Well so!! At least Iím liked!" Karen retorted.

"I am liked you moron! I just stick to one guy at a time!! You are beginning to sound like Amiee!!"

"NO!! Iím not THAT bad. God no. Geez Stef you make me sound like a slut."

"Yeah, one that donít have sex."

"Whatever! Lets just drop this argument ok?" Karen pleaded.

"Fine," Stef mumbled.

"Ya know sisters are supposed to fight once in awhile."

"I know but we argue, not fight. There is a BIG difference!" Karen explained. The two girls walked into the house.

"Iím gonna go call Bubba. Maybe he wants to do something."

"You do that Karen." Stef laughed. Stefanie ran up the stairs and headed into her room, which was also


"STEFANIE!!" Karen shouted from down stairs.

"What?" Stef yelled back. Stefanie headed down stairs. "What do you want this time Karen?"

"Itís not me itís Liz." Karen said pointing at the front door.

"You mean to tell me thatís sheís too damn lazy to come in the house and get me? God, what a fuck head. Liz what the hell! Why didnít you come in and get me? I think Karen is getting sick of relaying messages between us now." Stef snapped.

"Well I just didnít feel like going upstairs to get you," she answered.

"So Iíve noticed. What do you want then?"

"Iím going over to Shawnís with Dale. Do you want to go?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yeah I guess," she mumbled.

"Hi Dale." Stef sighed.

"Hey slim." Dale laughed.

"Ha ha fuck you." Stefanie grabbed Liz by the arm and dragged her over to the other side of Daleís car.

"Hey Liz?"


"What the fuck do you see in Dale?" Stefanie sighed.

"Well little sis thatís for me to know and for you to figure out." Liz laughed.

"Very funny smart ass."

"Come on Dale wants to go now," Liz answered.

"Oh god. You know how I hate driving with him!!" Stef complained.

"Oh come on! Just because he drives on the wrong side of the road sometimes donít mean anything."

"Sure it doesnít Liz." Stef mumbled.

"Shut up and go get ready Stef."

"Ok whatever." Stef sighed as she went up the stairs. She ran up the stairs and went into her room. She grabbed her bag, put her suit, a towel and sunglasses into the bag. All of a sudden Karen burst into her room.

"You ready yet?" Karen asked.

"Have you ever heard of knocking?" Stef growled.

"Yeah but this is my room too ya know," Karen laughed.

"Oh Iím sorry Karen! I thought you were Liz." Stef apologized.

"Donít worry about it." Karen smiled.

"Hey wait! Are you going too?"

"Yep. Me and Bubba are gonna be playing Sony Playstation so donít fret."

"Karen you are such a tomboy sometimes," Stef giggled.

"Hey!! Whatís that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," Stef mumbled.

"Well yes Iím ready. So letís go." They both hurried down the steps and out the door.

"Oh god theyíre making out again." Karen moaned.


"I agree with you on that one Karen, believe me."

"I swear, his tongue canít go any deeper down Lizís throat without choking her!" Karen screeched

"Oh well itís time to end this little make out session." Stef grinned. Stefanie walked over to the driverís side of the car.

"Now, now, now! What kind of example do you two think you are setting for Karen?" Dale and Liz were still making out.

"Ok itís obvious that you two didnít here meÖ" She stared.

"LIZ LUCE IS IN YOUR CLOSET CHEWING UP YOUR NEW WARDROBE!!!" Stefanie screamed. Liz jumped off of Dale.

"What?! Iíll kill that damn dog!!"

"Thatís better." Stef laughed.

"You freak! Donít do that to me," Liz snapped.

"Sorry Liz youíre confusing me with Dale. Iíve told you about this before." Stefanie said mocking Liz.

"Shut up slim. Just get in the car so we can go," Dale yelled.

"No need to get touchy." Stefanie and Karen hopped in the back of Daleís car.

"Oh and Dale, please try to drive on the right side of the road this time." Stef smirked.

"I mean I wouldnít mind your off the wall driving any other time but Karenís with us and she doesnít need a bad influence already."

"Fine." He mumbled. Dale pulled out of the driveway and headed to Shawnís. Several minutes later they reached the house.

"Hold on Jessica. Iíll be right back," Shawn said as he got up off the couch.

"Wait Iíll go with you." Jessica smiled.

"Ok." Shawn heard slamming car doors from outside and went out to see who it was.

"Hey Shawn!" Elizabeth yelled.

"Hey Liz."

"Whereís Stefanie at?" Jessica questioned.

"Right here," Stef spoke up.

"I didnít see you back there." Jess said.

"Yeah thatís cause of Lizís wide load being in the way," Stef said laughing.

"I heard that Stef," Elizabeth complained.

"So, your point being what? Thatís what I thought." Stef yelled.

"Shut up and go find Nicole already," Liz moaned.

"Yes maíam." Stefanie said saluting Liz. Karen and Stefanie headed into the house.


Chapter 2ÖÖÖÖSummer is here


"Hey Karen!" Bubba smiled.

"Donít even bother sucking up you know Iím not gonna let you win," Karen said rolling her eyes.

"It was worth a shot wasnít it?" Karen hopped down on the floor next to Justin and began playing.

"Kids." Stefanie sighed. Stefanie heard that oh so familiar sound of ICP blasting from Nicoleís room. As she entered Nicoleís room she heard Nicoleís voice singing along.

"Hey what's up? I'm new in town I work for the circus Shaggy the clown baby when yo girl I seen you around I guess I'm trying to say I wanna beat down Hey We had ice cream sat in the park...I walked all the way home when it got dark. . She took me inside and when the door shut next thing you know I had my nuts in her butt...uhh. I wanna bitch thatís down to fuck right away and even does my homies if it's okay. A little bitch thatís down with a quickie a little chickie chickie I ain't being picky though."

"I swear you have some obsession with them." Stef giggled.

"NO! They scare me. I just like their music," Nicole answered.

"Ok, if you say so."

"Letís go on the trampoline before anyone else does." Nicole smiled as she headed out the door.

"Hey! Wait for me!!!" Stef squealed. Stefanie ran out the door after Nicole. The girls jumped around on the trampoline for awhile then they grew tired and just lay there staring up at the sky.

"Man Tulsa is so boring." Nicole sighed as she rolled over onto her side.

"And youíre just figuring this out now?" Stef laughed.

"No!! I just felt like saying it, thatís all." Stefanie rolled her eyes. Then an idea popped into her head.

"Hey I got a plan!!" She shouted.

"What? It better not be something that I wonít go along with," Nic complained.

"No! Although I donít know if youíd wanna go with it or not," Stef smiled sheepishly.

"Lay it on me."

"Well ya know my aunt D got a pool. Itís in ground and has a slide and diving board. Hey itís heated too! Plus she has some cute neighbors. Well thatís what I hear anyway," Stef explained.

"Hmmm, well it is rather hot out today."

"Duh, itís like 90 some degrees out. Iíd say itís hot!!"

"I guess we could go swimming. Not just because she has cute neighbors either!!" Nicole giggled.

"Sure," Stef said shaking her head. Stefanie was just about to pick up the phone, when Liz burst into the room.

"Hey Stef, weíre all gonna go out to aunt Dís and go swimming. You two wanna go?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, I was just about to call aunt D and ask her that."

"No need. You know how she loves surprise visits from us." Liz smiled.

"Okay, if you say so." Somehow all nine of them fit into Lizís incredibly small car.

"Man, Iím getting crushed!!" Karen shouted.

"Youíre getting crushed?! Youíre sitting on top of me for Christís sake!!" Stefanie shouted back.

"Why are Liz and Dale the only ones with room?" Bubba whined.

"Not anymore!" Erica yelled as she climbed up onto Dale.

"Sorry but itís really really crowded back there."

"Whatever," Dale mumbled.

"Guys settle down! Itís only twenty minutes away for crying out loud!" Liz said sternly. Liz started the car and headed for her aunt's. They reached the house. The house was an old Victorian. It was slightly larger than most of the other houses. Yet it still fit in the neighborhood. They all walked into the house.

"Hey aunt D!!" Stefanie, Karen and Liz ran up to their aunt and shared a group hug.

"Howís my girls?" Donna asked.

"Good," They chimed. Donna turned around to see their other friends.

"How are all my other sweethearts?" She was answered by a chorus of "good" and "fine".

"Weíre all gonna go swimming aunt D." Stef smiled.

"Okay. Iíll prepare some snacks and drinks for everyone then." As everyone passed Donna she was greeted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh I love those kids," Donna laughed to herself.


Chapter 3ÖÖÖ..Seeing New Faces


Stef, Nicole, Karen, and Liz got changed into their suits, along with the guys. Liz is wearing a two piece with black and blue checks on it. Stef is wearing a two piece as well, only hers are halter shorts. Itís tie dyed blue, purple and red. Nic had a one piece Nike suit on; itís a baby blue color. Karen is wearing a light purple bikini with silver butterflies all over it. After everyone was done changing they went out into the back where the pool was.

"So, Stef. Where are these cute neighbors?" Nicole questioned.

"How the hell am I supposed to know? Itís not like Iím their stalker."

"Well, do you at least know what they look like?"

"Not really," Stef mumbled.

"What?! Stef, I thought you said they were cute!!"

"Thatís what Karen said, not me!!" Nicole stopped dead in her tracks, as everyone else kept walking

towards the pool.

"Hey, Karen!" She yelled.


"Come here I need to ask you something!" Karen ran back to see what Nicole wanted.

"What?" Karen asked trying to catch her breath.

"Are these neighbors cute like Stef said they are?"

"Hell yeah!" Karen laughed.

"Could you take me to meet them? Like right now?"

"Umm I guess I could."

"Have you even met them yet?" Nicole questioned.

"Yeah. I go over there all the time. Weíre all like best friends."

"Cool. Letís go," Nicole said as she pulled Karen in the direction of the neighbor's house. The two girls walked up the porch and stopped at the door.

"Whatís wrong Nicole? Nervous?" Karen laughed.

"Man I donít even think theyíre home. The cars are gone."

"Thatís what you think." Karen smiled at Nicole and just walked right in the house.

"Karen!!!!" Nicole scolded.

"What? I do this all the time. I practically live here!"

"ZAC!!!" She called. There was a loud rumbling sound then three guys bounding down the stairs.

"Damn I only asked for Zac and I get all three." Karen giggled.

"Todayís just your lucky day," The oldest smiled.

"Please spare me."

"Anyhow Iíd like you guys to meet a friend of mine. Nicole this is Isaac, Taylor and Zac. Guys this is Nicole," Karen introduced.

"Hi," They answered.

"Hey," Nicole mumbled.

"No need to be shy, we donít bite," Zac joked.

"I know I just donít say much around new people."

"Soon youíll get to know us and weíll all get to be the best of buds." Taylor smiled.

"Well we better get back before Stef flips." Karen said heading for the door.

"Maybe we can do something later on tonight?" Isaac offered.

"Yeah sure thatís a great idea Ike."

"Yeah." Nicole agreed.

"That way you can meet my sister Stef, Tay." Karen smiled as she walked out the door. Nicole shortly followed.

"Karen you mean to tell me Stef hasnít even met them yet?"



Chapter 4ÖÖÖ..Hey Youíre That Blonde


Stefanie climbed out of bed and headed into the shower. Shortly after that she threw a pair of khaki shorts and her blue and purple bikini top on. She stumbled down the steps in an attempt to find her dog Lucy. Without any luck on finding Lucy she grabbed her Adidas shoes and slipped them on.

"Ah there you are Luce!"

"Come on Britt." She shouted as she picked up Lucy. Brittany came bounding into the room with leash in hand. She took Stefís hand and went outside. Stef set Lucy down and pulled out her sunglasses making sure she didnít let go of the leash. Her sister ran over to her.

"Lets go!" Britt yelled in excitement.

"Ok come on." The two started to walk down the road with their dog Lucy. They walked far enough so that their house was now out of sight.

"Can I hold Lucy now?" Britt said with a pleading face.

"As long as you be careful and donít tell mom I let you." Stef answered as she handed Brittany the leash. Lucy spotted some nearby birds and took off.

"No!! Lucy, come back here." Stef yelled.

"Oh no. How are we gonna get Luce back?"

"I donít know." Stef picked up Brittany and ran after Lucy.

"Where could she have possibly gone?" Then Stef saw Lucy with three guys.

"Look Lucy is over there with those guys."

"Yeah!!!" Britt said with joy and ran to Lucy.

"Brittany donít run!" Stef chased her till she grabbed her hand. She then looked up at the three guys that stood before her. They looked to be 17, 15 and 12. The oldest one had long curly brown hair just above his shoulders. The middle one had long blonde hair down to his shoulders and the youngest had long blonde hair just a bit past his shoulders.

"Is this your dog?" the oldest one asked.

"Yeah. This is Lucy. Where was she?" She questioned.

"She was chasing birds till she found us," the youngest answered.

"Thank you so much for holding on to her."

"No problem. By the way Iím Isaac this is Taylor and that is Zac," Isaac said.

"Hi! Iím Stefanie and this is my little sister Brittany and that of course is Lucy, " Stef said quietly.

"Hey, youíre my aunt's neighbors!"

"You must be that blonde Karen told us about then." Taylor interrupted.

"Yeah thatís me. Do you guys know my sister or something?"

"Karen is like our best friend!!" Zac yelled.

"Oh, thatís cool. Well maybe I can get to know you guys better then." Stef smiled. Stef felt a tugging on her cords.

"Stef Iím thirsty," Britt whispered.

"I gotta go, but thank you for finding Lucy," Stef said. She turned to leave.

"Damn they were cute!" Stef thought to herself.

"Come on Britt. Lets go get you settled in for bed."

"Oh man!" Britt whined.

"Itís 8:30. Thatís way past your bedtime and you know it," Stef scolded. They went up stairs and Stef got Britt settled into bed.

"Night Britt," she whispered. Stef walked back down into the basement.

"Iíve had one hell of a day." She sighed as she plopped down on her bed. She soon fell asleep.


Chapter 5ÖÖÖ.Sisterly Love


"Ahhhh! Oh hey Luce! Ya know I hate when you drool all over me in the morning." She picked up her puppy and set her on the ground. She looked at her watch. "Must you wake me up so early? I donít exactly like waking up at 7:00 in the morning." She gave Lucy a stern look. Lucy just whined and wagged her tail. "Oh I could never get mad at you." Lucy hopped up on her bed and licked Stef on the face. "Now that Iím up I might as well get out of bed." She headed into the bathroom. She gazed into the mirror. "Man I am not a morning person." She undressed and hopped into the shower. Within seconds steam filled the room. The hot water felt good against her back. She finished up in the shower. Stef got out and wrapped a towel around her wet body. Then went back to her room to get dressed. She threw on a pair of brown cords and a tight white baby tee with black trimming and the number 3 in the middle. She fiddled with her hair for awhile then decided to blow dry it. After she was done with that she put her make up on. Purple mascara and glitter on her eyelids. "Ok I look good." She walked out of the bathroom to find her black docs. She grabbed them and slipped them on.

"Karen whereís the phone?" Stefanie sighed as she searched for the cordless.

"I donít know," Was the muffled response.

"Iíve always wanted to do this to you." Stefanie walked over to Karenís bed and ripped the sheets off.

"Ahhh!!!!" Karen screeched.

"I could have been naked ya know!!"

"Well you werenít. Now where is the damn phone for the second time?"

"Like I said, I donít know."

"Christ Karen you were the last one to use it!"

"Okay if I tell you what do I get out of it?" Karen smiled.

"Oh god. I donít know. What do you want?"

"Hmmmm? Ya know I need some money for the mall."

"Fine Iíll buy you one thing, but it has to be under twenty dollars." Stefanie grumbled.


"Oh yeah the phoneís in the bag of puppy chow in the kitchen cupboard."

"Why the hell, no wait Iím not quite sure if I want to know." Stef laughed.

"What?! I was only playing hide and seek with Brittany!" Karen defended. Stefanie rolled her eyes and headed down to the kitchen.

"Hi mom."

"Shit itís gonna snow today!!" Jerry laughed.

"Oh shut up! If youíd leave my door closed in the morning I wouldnít have to get up this early!"

"I was just joking Stef, settle down."

"Iím real sure dad."

"Stef stop it." Laura interrupted.

"Fine. Anyhow, Iím going out today is that all right?"

"Sure," Jerry answered.

"Oh yeah one more thing. Can I borrow twenty dollars?" Stefanie mumbled.


"Karen blackmailed me."

"Alright but donít get yourself into anymore dispositions ok?"

"Okay. Thanks mom." Stef smiled and quickly ran out of the room.



Chapter 6ÖÖÖThe Plan


"Karen come on I wanna go now!" Stefanie shouted up the stairs.

"Iím coming donít get excited!" Karen shouted back. Karen came bounding down the steps.

"Are you finally ready?"


"Then lets go." The two girls headed out the door and waited for Isaac to pull up.

"Stef, when you called what time did they say they were leaving?"

"In about five minutes why?"

"Just wondering."

"Okay, I think," Stefanie mumbled.

"Is Nicole coming?"

"Huh? I donít know. Why do you care?" Stef questioned suddenly interested in what Karen was talking about.

"Well Isaac is single, and so is Nicole. Now, you put two and two together." Karen grinned.

"No way Kare. Sheíd kill me if she found out. I donít want to have anything to do with this!"

"Oh Stef come on! Itís not gonna hurt anybody!"

"Fine, but if I get in trouble Iím blaming it all on you!" Stefanie smiled.

"Go ahead. Right now I donít care about that."

"So all mighty matchmaker do you have a plan?"

"Yes I just happen to have a plan, my stupid and totally useless assistant."

"Then tell me."

"Wait till the guys get here. They are gonna be playing a major roll in this."

"If you say so." Stef sighed.

"I do." Moments later Isaacís car pulled into the driveway. Karen immediately jumped up from the steps and ran over to the car.

"Hey guys you remember my sister Stef?"

"Yeah." Taylor answered.

"Duh, Tay how could you forget. The moment you first saw her over Donnaís you fell head over heels for her!" Zac giggled. Taylor felt his face grown a nice shade of bright red. He then playfully smacked Zac in the back of the head.

"Zac shut up," He mumbled.

"I know Zac. Next time just say it loud enough so she can hear it." Karen smiled.

"Hear what?" Stefanie asked as she walked up to them.

"Nothing." Taylor weakly smiled.

"Let's go already you guys!" Isaac shouted from the drivers seat. Karen pulled Stefanie back before hopping in.

"What?" Stefanie asked confused.

"Take the front seat."

"Why? I wanted to sit next to the cute one. Taylor I think." Stef whined.

"That way my plan goes into action."

"And just how is that?"

"All you have to do is talk constantly about Nicole." Karen quickly explained.

"That way I can sit in the back and explain to Tay and Zac my master plan."

"Oh sure I get the shitty part."

"Stef do it for me." Karen pleaded.

"Wait bad choice. Uh do it for Taylor then."

"Okay!" Stefanie exclaimed.

"Stef donít you have a boyfriend though?"

"Yeah, but heís not here now is he?" Stef smiled evilly.

"Youíre bad." Karen laughed. They hurriedly got into the car. Stefanie took the front just as Karen


"Oh yeah. Isaac I need you to pick up somebody for me!" Karen shouted from the back.



"Thatís Shawnís sister right?"




Chapter 7ÖÖÖÖOperation "Ditch Isaac and Nicole"


They arrived at Nicoleís house a few minutes later.

"Okay Stef you can go in and get her." Isaac informed as he put the car in park.

"Isaac I think you should come with me." She answered.

"If you insist."

"I do." Stef giggled. Stefanie and Karen exchanged glances before she left the car with Isaac right behind her.

"Okay guys hereís the plan," Karen spoke up.

"What plan?" Taylor asked with an inquisitive look on his face.

"The plan that Iím about to tell you, duh!" Karen laughed.

"Tell us already!" Zac urged.

"Well you know how Isaac always complains he wants a girlfriend?" Taylor and Zac simply nodded their heads.

"I figured Nicole is single and wants a boyfriendÖ"

"So youíre just helping them out a bit by adding two and two together." Taylor smiled.


"Now how do we go about doing this?" Zac interrupted.

"Iím getting there donít get excited!" Karen smirked.

"What we need to do is to get them alone. Weíll all want to go to different stores. We argue and then we all just go off in different directions. Leaving Nicole and Isaac by themselves."

"Then what?" Zac questioned.

"Once we split we meet somewhere and carefully follow them and wait and see."

"Where are we gonna meet?" Taylor asked.

"I donít know yet. How about Pacific Sunwear?" Karen suggested. Taylor nodded.


"Yeah, sure sounds good to me," He mumbled.

"Okay then itís set. All we need to do is tell Stef where weíre meeting at."

"How do we know that Nicole and Isaac will hit it off?" Karen saw Isaac, Nicole, and Stefanie coming towards the car. She tried waving Zac off, trying to get him to shut up.

"Karen answer me!! How do we know that Isaac and Nicole willÖ" He suddenly stopped when he saw Isaac open the front door.

"Isaac and Nicole will what?" Isaac smiled.

"Nothing," all three of them replied.

"Here Nicole you can sit in the front." Stefanie suggested stifling a giggle.

"Stef there isnít any room back here for you!" Karen whined.

"Hey, she can sit on my lap," Taylor offered. Stefanieís heart raced as Taylor said that.

"Okay." She beamed and climbed on top of Taylorís lap. Karen knew something was bound to happen between those two. She didnít necessarily know if it was going to be good. If Alex found out this definitely wouldnít go well with him.

"Stefanieís playing with fire and sheís gonna get burned," Karen thought to herself as she watched Stefanie and Taylor flirt with each other.


Chapter 8ÖÖÖÖ..Unwanted Surprises


Once in the mall their plan was about to take action. Karen ran up to Stef and filled her in on the plan.

"Pacific Sunwear. Okay I can handle that."

"Hey Stef?"


"I think Taylor likes you."


"Well you have a boyfriend, and I donít think itís right for you to lead him on like you are. Heís gonna get his heart broken."

"Kare bear donít worry. I wonít go too far. Besides I love Alex. Taylor just happens to be here." Stef laughed.

"Man and you call me a slut," Karen grumbled.

"No I consider myself a whore."

"You are one sick puppy Stef."

"I know." Stefanie grinned. Stefanie ran up to Taylor and continued her flirting.

"Oh shit!" Karen mouthed. Panicking Karen hesitated. She knew she couldnít call Stefanie by her


"Uhhh. Damn it what the fuck does Dale call her?"

"Hey Slim!!" Karen shouted. Stefanie turned around quickly upon hearing this. Karen pointed in the direction of Kay Jewelers. Stefanie followed her hand and saw what Karen freaked over.

"Fuck me." Stefanie blurted.

"Excuse me?" Taylor questioned slightly embarrassed.

"No, not that." Sighing in relief Taylor relaxed.

"Whatís wrong then?"

"Look." Stef said pointing towards the jewelry store.

"So? Whoís that?"

"Alex, my boyÖ.my brother," she stuttered.

"What does that mean?"

"Heíll kill me if he sees me with you."


"No time for questions! Hide!" Stefanie quickly dragged Taylor into the closest store.

"Oh god," she whispered.

"Now what?" Taylor asked getting annoyed.

"Of all stores why Victoriaís Secret?" Taylor quickly turned around. His face turned a deep red as he

realized what Stefanie was talking about.

"Oh," he squeaked.

"I hope you know we have to stay here till he leaves or at least is out of sight."

"Why me?" Taylor sighed.

"Well so you donít feel embarrassed and stuff we can go to the body wash and perfume side of the store."

"Please, lead the way." Stefanie couldnít help but laugh. Taylorís embarrassment was quite amusing to her. Although it was also kind of embarrassing to her to be with a guy in this store. She dismissed the awkward feeling and lead poor Taylor to the other side of the store.


Chapter 9ÖÖÖ..Plan Accomplished


"Taylor I am sooo sorry for dragging you into here!" Stefanie apologized for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"I said it was ok, so chill."

"Okay, I just feel bad for making you uncomfortable. Thatís all." Stefanie smiled weakly.

"Well you can make it up to me by getting out of this store." He laughed nervously.

"I think I can do that much for you." Stefanie walked over toward the exit making sure Alex was gone.

"Good he left."

"So we can leave now?"

"Yes Tay we can leave now." Stef smiled.

"Thank God!" Stefanie and Taylor left the store and went searching for the others.

"Wait Tay," Stefanie said suddenly stopping.


"We already did our part of the plan."


"We were supposed to leave and we kinda already did that. So all we have to do is go to Pacific Sunwear and wait for Karen and Zac," she explained.

"Youíve got a point. Letís go." They headed off in the direction of the store.

"Come on guys I want to go to Spencer's!!" Karen whined.

"Ugh that store is soo tacky." Nicole laughed.

"Hey now Nicalick I like that store!!!" Karen defended.

"Whatever." Nicole sighed.

"Well I want to go to Help Yourself!!" Zac added.

"Who cares!" Isaac yelled.

"Fine weíll just go our own ways then!" Karen smirked as her and Zac ran off in separate directions. Once they were out of Nicole and Isaacís view they met up with each other.

"Okay, weíre doing good so far." Karen said catching her breath.

"What about Stef and Tay?"

"Iím pretty sure they are okay. They played their part, so theyíll probably meet us where we are supposed to meet," Karen explained.


Chapter 10ÖÖÖ..Flying Tempers


Karen and Zac waited impatiently for Stefanie and Taylor to arrive.

"Okay, where the hell are they?" Karen sighed.

"Who knows, who cares," Zac mumbled. Stefanie and Taylor came running towards them.

"Oh look who finally decides to grace us with their presence."

"Fuck you Zac," Taylor grumbled.

"Guys donít." Stefanie yelled.

"Whatís with you?" Karen added not wanting to be left out of the conversation.

"Well youíre not gonna believe this but Alexís here." Karenís face dropped. Of all the luck her sister could have it just happened to be bad.

"Stef ya know I swear youíre cursed." She laughed.

"Go to hell."

"Nah thatís ok."

"What the fuck am I supposed to do?" Stef whined.

"Get the hell out of here thatís what."

"I know that one genius but how?"

"Youíll figure something out. This isnít my problem itís yours."

"Oh great. Thanks for the help Karen." Stefanie felt a tapping on her shoulder and quickly turned around.

"Alex?!" She squeaked.

"What are you doing here?"

"Iím the one who should be asking you that Stef," Alex said glaring at Taylor.

"Er uh Iím just shopping," Stefanie mumbled.

"Who is this Stefanie?" Alex said raising his voice.

"Donít yell Alex. Heís just a friend."

"Why is your brother yelling at you?" Taylor whispered, apparently not quiet enough.

"Brother? You told him Iím your brother?!" Alex laughed. Stefanie just stood there totally embarrassed by the entire situation.

"Well loser I just happen to be her boyfriend!"

"Alex he is not a loser!! He does have a name ya know!!" Stefanie screamed.

"Come on Taylor let's go."

"Taylor huh? Sounds more like a girlís name than a guyís!" Alex smirked.

"Donít start with him. He didnít do anything. If you should be yelling at anybody it should be me!!"

"Stef youíre my girlfriend you donít deserve to be yelled at!"

"Yeah well either does Taylor! He didnít do a goddamn thing to you!"

"Maybe not to me but god knows what he wants to do with you!!" Alex yelled now furious.

"Weíre leaving together so lets go!" Alex grabbed Stefanieís arm and dragged her off with him.

"Okay what the hell just happened?" Taylor asked totally bewildered by the whole thing.

"How the hell should I know?" Karen laughed.

"Well youíre her sister!"

"Yeah but that doesnít mean I know every little detail of her life!" She defended.

"Alex let go of me!!!" Stefanie screamed. Alex loosened his grip and let go of her wrist.


"What the fuck is your problem?" She snapped.

"Stefanie I see you with another guy! What the hell do you want me to do?"

"Christ donít you trust me?!"


"Then why did you go off the way you did? I love you Alex why would I want to cheat on you?"

"Awe Stef Iím so sorry!" Alex apologized. He wrapped her into his arms and just held her.

"Besides I just met Taylor. I hardly know anything about him. Youíre the one I want not him." She smiled. Alex leaned down and lightly brushed his lips over Stefanieís.

"I love you," he mouthed.

"I love you too," she mouthed back.