Chapter 11....I love him, I love him not

~Later that night~

" Thanks for taking me to dinner Isaac. " Nicole smiled getting out of the car. Isaac soon got out of his side of his car and went to walk her to the door.

" No problem. It was worth every penny. "

" Awe thatís sweet! " Nicole giggled.

Isaac ran his hand over her cheek and tilted her chin up towards his face. Isaac carefully leaned down and softly grazed his lips over Nicoleís. Smiling Nicole reached for the door and headed in. She walked in and headed for the basement.

" Hey Nicole. "

" Hi. " She smiled.

" Why you in so late? "

" No reason, " Nicole said in a dreamy state.

" Somebodyís got a crush, " Stefanie teased.

" So? "

" So what happened? "

" Not much. "

" Whatís not much? "

" We held hands. Then when he dropped me off he kissed me! " Nicole sighed happily as she plopped down on her bed.

" Awe thatís cute! " Stef giggled.

" So what happened with you, Alex and Taylor? "

" You donít want me to answer trust me. "

" That bad? "

" Oh yeah. "

" So tell me. "

" Well Alex thought I was cheating on him with Taylor. He started yelling at both of us and it was just so horrible. " Stefanie sighed.

" Poor baby. " Nicole laughed.

" Shut up, " Stef grumbled as she hurled a pillow at Nicole.

" Hell I donít even know if I love him anymore. "

" Whoa? Did I hear you correctly? "

" Yeah. "

" Youíre falling for Taylor arenít you? "

" Well I donít really want to admit it but I think thatís what itís coming down to. "

" Alex wonít be too happy with this Stef. "

" I know, but heís been so demanding lately. Christ he doesnít even trust me anymore!!! "

" Chill out! Maybe you two just need to be away from each other for awhile, " Nicole suggested.

" Yeah maybe, " Stefanie mumbled as she finished getting ready for bed.